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Fashions for moms-2


When you became a mom, you probably missed all those days when shopping was all about finding the cutest outfit and trendy season show stoppers. Now, it is about runny noses, and picking out the cutest outfit for your little one. No one said you had to stop being trendy. These helpful hints will help bring you back into the days of fashion.

Make-up Quickie

Using an all in one make-up product is one thing that can get the job done quick. One of these great products is NARS Multiple Stick. You can keep it on you because it can work as a blush or as lipstick when you are on the go.

Beach Waves Instantly

Who doesn’t love beach waves, now that spring is here? You can get those beach waves easily simply by showering the night before, drying your hair till it is still a bit damp, combing it smooth and then twisting your hair in a top knot or ballerina bun and sleeping with it up. When you wake up, you have a nice wavy beach look.

Cape it up

A great go to for moms who are pregnant or just average moms is a cape that has been paired with boots and leggings. Many celebrities do this and rock this easy trend.

Dry Shampoo is your friend

Mom mornings can be tough. Most of us may or not admit it that we just don’t have time in the morning to shower. When you are running really behind, dry shampoo can be a real life saver. It can make your hair look silky and smooth and plus you will feel better knowing that your hair is somewhat decent.

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Fashions for moms


Being a mom doesn’t mean that your fashion has to go to just jeans and t-shirts, you can still dress in the most fashionable ways and still do your mom thing. Below are some helpful hints that can get you looking fashionable again without a lot of hassle.
Statement Accessories
When you are looking to add a bit of spice to your look, pick out one accessory that really makes your whole outfit but won’t overwhelm it, such as a scarf.
Black Blazers
Cardigans are in the past. So, try pairing some of your outfits with a cute black blazer. You can wear it over a dress or over your jeans and t-shirt. They come in all sorts of styles, but the most popular one is tailored and fitted.
Straighten it out
If you flat iron your hair but notice that you also have to iron your favorite shirt, you no longer really need to break out that big bulky iron and ironing board. Simply, use your flat iron to get those nice crisp lines and creases that you want.
Get the colors
When it comes to trying to incorporate the color of the season into your outfit in an easy yet comfortable way, try ballet flats. They come out in all sorts of colors and will easily pair with an everyday outfit of jeans and a t-shirt.
Get colorful
You shouldn’t have to carry around a dull and drab looking bag if your clothes are just tan, gray, white, and just blah. Find a colorful bag that is big enough for mom essentials, yet still fits with the trends of the season.

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My Hairfinity review – does it really work?


If you are worried about losing your hair, then you may have done a quick search and came across the name, Hairfinity. The main question on your mind at this point is probably, does it really work? Of course it is, that is why you’re here after all! We are going to talk about what this bottle of hair growth pills has that’s marketed by Brock Beauty.

First, to ensure you have healthy hair you need to make sure you’re getting all the required nutrients, otherwise you will run into issues. Some symptoms of not getting the correct nutrients include excessive hair loss, split ends, frizzy or dry hair, etc.

There has been research conducted that shows losing hair faster than it grows is often a lack in nutrients and vitamins. It is common for vegetables and fruits to be treated for extended shelf life than usual, which leads to many important vitamins being lost. At the bare basis, Hairfinity is vitamin supplement that provides the nutrients and vitamins the body needs or growing hair.

The only other really good review of Hairfinity I found here –  On to my Hairfinity review.

Let’s move into just what those ingredients are, so you can have a clearer concept of what we’re talking about…

Hairfinity ingredients

Are you wondering what these pills pack that provide such an advantage over hair loss? The following are the active ingredients:

  • Biotin
  • Folic Acid
  • Capilsana Complex Proprietary Blend
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, and D3

Let’s dig a bit deeper into these ingredients. Let’s look at what hair needs to grow; protein. This is a nutrient that hair requires for being healthy and strong. The Capilsana Complex Proprietary Blend provides the body with a combination of 18 different amino acids – the foundation of protein.


How does Hairfinity work?

By looking into the ingredients and knowing the hair needs certain things to survive, just like plants, we can take a further look into just how Hairfinity works to regain your hair loss.

When these vitamins and nutrients are combined together, they work towards providing the body with a formula that’s uniquely designed to focus on the growth of your hair. By doing this, it will cause a change in the body’s current course. Instead of the body shedding hair due to lack of the nutrients, it will begin realizing more nutrients are available. As the body consumes these additional nutrients and vitamins, it will begin repairing the issue from the inside out.

This is the reason Hairfinity is truly helping hair growth, in simple terms it is pumping your body full of the stuff that hair needs, not only to grow, but to look healthy and feel nice. Without the right amount of these elements in the body, the hair may not fall out, but that does not mean it will look healthy either.

So, Hairfinity helps you ensure the body gets all of the nutrients needed to produce a great head of hair. It’s like food for the hair!


After noticing more hair in my brush as time went on, I started to worry. After finding Hairfinity, I am no longer losing much hair in my brushes, and my hair is much healthier too. – Carol

I started noticing a bald spot, but after my friends pointed it out too, I knew something had to change. I tried Hairfinity and my bald spot is now very faint. I expect it to be fully gone soon!

Who can use Hairfinity?

As Hairfinity is designed up of various vitamins and nutrients, it should be safe for just about anybody. It can be taken by male or females, but should only be taken by adults as a precaution. However, if you currently take a supplement that contains Biotin, you may want to take caution. There have been some reports of people itching or having a rash due to high amounts of Biotin intake because they unknowingly combined Hairfinity with other supplements with high Biotin levels.

Are there any indications?

Here is some info on hair growth you may find interesting – Check out the science of hair growth here.

Benefits of Hairfinity


Helps improve hair growth

Designed of vitamins and nutrients – Acting as food for the hair

Improves the quality and health of the hair.



Can cause an itch/rash if combined with other high Biotin supplements.


If you are looking into ways to fight your hair loss, then this is a good product as it feeds your hair the resources it needs to grow and be healthy. However, take notice if you already consume large amounts of Biotin to be on the safe side.

Evenflo Tribute XL Review


The Evenflo Tribute LX is a great carseat for those who are looking to use it both rear facing and forward facing positions. It is a great value because it has a lower end price of only $70 and it scores high for safety ratings when it comes to crash testing and ease of use. This is a great convertible car seat that will meet all the federal safety standards and then some. It has been side impact tested, has been designed for structural integrity at twice the federal crash test standards. It is lightweight and compact, so if you have a small car or small back seat, it will still work comfortably. It has a 4 shoulder harness positions and 2 crotch positions that goes wit ha 5-point safety harness adjustment. The fabric is soft and comes with harness and buckle covers and even a machine washable seat pad. It comes LATCH equipped and has a foam liner. You can use this seat in rear facing position from 4 pounds to 40 pounds. You can use it in the forward facing position from 22 pounds to 40 pounds. That’s why I’ve decided to review the Evenflo Tribute LX.

How does the Evenflo Tribute LX compare?

When it comes to installing the seat with LATCH it is a bit of a hassle, but once you get it in, it is there for a while. This model of car seat doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles and the LATCH systems is easy clip style, which is easy to install but are seriously hard to unhook. It was a lot easier to install using the seatbelt.

When it comes to the buckle, it is really easy to use. The sides simply pop out on their own whenever you press the button. Sometimes the lack of features can cause a car seat some issues when it comes to how easy it is to use, but Evenflo managed to do quite well in this area. For not having a lot of features, it is a really budget friendly type of seat that is easy to use.

This seat does come with LATCH storage that are located on the sides of the seat. This doesn’t keep them completely concealed, but it does keep them from dragging. I found that just sticking the remaining tether strap under the seat keeps them out of the way and out of the hands of my little one. The Tribute XL does come with a foldable cup holder that can be opened or closed to take up less space. My little ones sippy didn’t quite fit in the holder, but my nieces bottle did. It isn’t the best out there, but it does work.

The fabric is easy to remove and is just held on with plastic hoops. So, if your little one makes a mess, you can just throw it in the washer and then the dryer. This is the easiest piece to keep clean.

The Evenflo Tribute LX verdict

Overall, this is a really inexpensive seat that will offer you ease of use, and a great crash test rating. Even though it is basic, and simple it has everything that you would need in a car seat. I would recommend this seat to anyone who has a tight budget but is wanting something that is really safe.

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My Infantino sash mei tai review


Being a new mother, one of my biggest challenges to face was being able to still get around easily to get things done, from picking up groceries to paying bills and everything between. Sure, I could leave them with daddy, but with his busy schedule it means I have to rush to get things done quickly, plus being a new mom I constantly stress and wonder what they are doing. So, I started to look into way making things easier, and that is when I came across the Infantino Sash Mei Tai!

This is my infantino mei tai review.  Another really good review is here.

The new craze of personalized diaper bags

After reading up on the product and reviews, I jumped at getting it. Waiting for it to get here I was excited I may finally have a solution to my issue. It had many great reviews, the price was affordable, and known for great performance. It’s referred to as a grab-and-go carrier for the baby, which is just what I needed.

Once it arrived, I couldn’t wait to get it out and learn to use it. The design is made to be soft and comfortable on the baby, allowing you to get around while it supports the baby in all the important areas. I was able to figure out how to use it pretty quick, and with a little practice I got pretty quick at getting out the door!

I found that it was supporting my child as I needed it too, and I no longer had to depend and wait on daddy’s busy schedule to get out and take care of things. I was able to pick up the Sash Mei Tai, get my baby setup in it, and go.

To get better at getting it adjusted correctly, I would practice grabbing it, my baby and going to the car, mailbox, or just to walk around the backyard. It didn’t take long though, and now I have it on and on my way in no time. It’s been very helpful.

If you’re looking for baby wearing help, check out the following links:



Supports the baby



May take a little practice to get quick with.


This is one of the best things I have found to manage having a baby and still getting around, other than maybe a stroller (which I have learned can be even more hassle at times). I can feel safe knowing my baby is supported and that it is not hurting him, and it does not hurt me either. I have decided this is the item I want to gift at the baby shower I will be attending for a friend, I’m sure she will find it very useful and love it just as much as I have, who wouldn’t?

The new craze of personalized diaper bags


Personalized Diaper Bags

If you are a new parent or an existing parent that is in need of a diaper bag, then if you are like me then you want to have it personalized or even have it monogrammed. It is quite hard to find some of the best personalized diaper bags out there, simply because there isn’t a lot of good quality ones around. Most of the attempts that were done, were just very plain or made of low quality materials. I guess the people making the bags would think that when we go to purchase their item, just sticking a few initials on it will sell their product.

So, I went on a journey to find only high quality bags that could be monogrammed or even made personalized in some way, while still being durable and practical. I also wanted to list bags that were represented as a great value for the price spent. Below is what I found and tested myself. More info on diaper bags for boys here.

Pink Quilted 3 Piece diaper bag with colorful owl and flower print

When I first saw this, I thought it was a long name. It seems that they just added the description to the title. Right now owls are in, so they are going to be in fashion right now. It just seems they wanted to make sure everyone knew what was included in the title. Even though the title is long, it is a really good quality diaper bag. It is 17 inches by 13 inches by 5 inches plus it weighs under a pound. This tells me that is a really good sized bag and since the opening is 5 inches wide, it is going to be really useful. Diaper bag manufacturers tend to make the opening too narrow to be practical. This model comes with three things: Diaper bag, changing pad, and cosmetic bag. It has plenty of pockets and it is under $30 with shipping from Amazon. Another options is, they’re a company I really like.

3 Piece quilted diaper bag

This is similar to the one above, but you can have this one monogrammed by a third-party service. It comes in various colors such as black, green, pink and more. I find that each colors are unique and some unusual. It has a gingham lining with several pockets. There are a lot of color combinations and I love them all. You can get these color combinations: polka dots/black/pink, owl green, camo/black, black, pink/damask, and black/zebra.

Pink and Polka dot monogrammed diaper bag

This one is a real value. You can get it for less than $25, because I honestly would have paid a lot more. You can have it monogrammed the way you would like in various styling patterns.

Quilted butterfly in town diaper bag

This is the more expensive one ranging around $45. But there are a lot of personalized choices for it. There are over 20 different monogram choices and you can have it completely personalized. That is the one thing that I absolutely loved about it. Out of all the choices, this is my favorite.

Personalized bottle bag

This is a simpler type of diaper bag but it is called a bottle bag. It is quite nice to look at and it comes with a chocolate brown insulated bag that you can have 15 different thread colors used to embroider your little one’s name on it. Now this isn’t an actual diaper bag, but it is meant for shorter trips and it is small enough that you can throw it into your purse.
My Infantino sash mei tai review

Is the Bugaboo Frog good value?


If you are a parent, then you know just how useful a stroller is and it doesn’t matter if you are a neighbor or the most popular celebrity in the world. A stroller is going to be an indispensable item of your baby arsenal. When it comes to having a stroller, the one name that comes to mind for exceptional quality is the Bugaboo Frog. Bugaboo is a brand that has been around for ages and they have all sorts of strollers but the Frog really stands out from the rest of them.

Bugaboo Frog Review

We found the best review at

When you begin to look at the price tags on strollers, the price is going to tell you what type of quality you are going to get. The Bugaboo Frog is going to tell you that you will be getting a reasonably priced limited item. It is basically custom made, similar to purchasing custom luggage. The benefits of having a Bugaboo stroller are really there to make a huge impression and it will be a bit higher on the budget end. But, you have to think about if a stroller like this is going to be worth the money. What will it give you and your child? This stroller has some particular benefits that a mom or dad will notice in a stroller such as safety, comfort for the child, and even how it drives. The truth is, even though its benefits really surpass all other strollers in certain areas, it isn’t the best that is out there.
Stroller buying guide
The main thing that many parents have an issue with happens to be the price tag that comes with the stroller. The fact that it works for just one child can be an issue with parents who have multiples or several children. That makes up for the price of the stroller itself. Now there are places where you can get the Frog for cheaper than the regular price and you can also buy it used to really make it worth your while.

The Bugaboo Frog looks different than your normal stroller. It has frog like suspension which is where it gets name. This suspension helps to navigate the stroller over bumpy surfaces without jarring your little one. There are also adapters for a car seat which means that it can fit into your car which allows you to take it where you need to.

There are a lot of useful features such as the reversible seat, which allows you to have your child facing you or facing away. You can also adjust the handlebar and select which wheels will be leading the stroller. It doesn’t matter if you are on the sidewalk in the city or you are in the park, switching the wheels around will let you be able to navigate various surfaces. Another awesome thing about the Frog is that the wheels are filled with foam instead of air, so you don’t have to worry about flat tires.

Another thing that makes the Bugaboo Frog a good value is that it has washable fabrics that can be removed and washed. There are three positions for the seat which works great for kids up to 4 years old. You have a flat position which is good for babies up to 1 year, then a reclining position and a sitting position for older children. It also has a sun shade and it covers the seat well and there is even a mosquito net. If you are unsure of how to use it, it will come with a DVD of instructions. You will also get a maintenance kit.

The Bugaboo Frog Verdict


Overall, the Bugaboo Frog is a good infant stroller and it is a great selection for many new parents. Since it is well made and long lasting, you can use it for another child if it happens. In the end, it is a great value because it can be used with several children and it last for years.

To buy visit as they have great prices.


Stroller buying guide


Purchasing a stroller is going to be one of those big purchases. There are a lot of models, and it can make any new parent a bit anxious. Any certified stroller will work, but if you aren’t careful you may end up buying one that will just need to be upgraded as your needs change and the first stroller becomes pretty word down. Below are some easy basics about stroller buying that you need to know.

Try these guys –

Learn the jargon.

Strollers literally have their own type of language. You have carriages, prams, travel systems, jogging strollers and umbrella strollers. Each one is different and each one has their own characteristics. A carriage is just a stroller that has the baby facing you. A pram is the old fashioned carriages that have the baby laying down with big wheels and a big canopy, basically a bassinet on wheels. The travel systems are strollers that come with car seats that snap into place. Jogging strollers are ones that have only 3 wheels that are easy to run with, but there are some that you don’t have to jog with. Then the umbrella stroller that is very simple, easy to fold and is great for little ones over 6 months old.

Is the Bugaboo Frog good value?

Set a budget.

You can basically spend as much or as little as you feel like. Just set a budget before you start, that way you can narrow down choices.  Do you feel like being a celebrity and purchasing a stroller over $600 or are you wanting a real bargain? Choose one that is in your budget range. Many will go for the popular styles that will range between $100 and $300.

Who is the stroller for?

If you have a newborn, then start out with a stroller that will work with a newborn. I personally prefer the travel system, as it grows with my child. It needs to be something that newborn can ride lying down. I love prams, but they are super expensive, heavy and only good for use to 3 months. You can pick a carriage system, which you can get a bassinet for that simply snaps onto the frame for those first 3 months, then use the stroller seat afterwards. For some the most practical is getting a regular stroller with reclining seats. So you can still use it as your baby grows.

Things to think about while shopping

Is the handlebar going to be high enough? Check out a few strollers in your local baby stores. The most annoying thing that I have found is that when you are out and about, pushing a stroller that has low handles that make you stoop down, or kick the back of the stroller. You need handlebars that will fit your height and gait. I always look for adjustable handlebars to be on the safe side.

Storage is another thing that is important. Where will you put the diaper bag or groceries? Sometimes you aren’t just going to be going for a walk. Most parents are running errands or going to visit friends with a lot of supplies for the little one. So having a good storage basket is quite nice. Now there are some models that have less important things like storage spaces on the handles and cup holders. If you want there is always the option of purchasing a stroller bag, which will hang either on the side or the back of the stroller for extra storage.

Does it easily fold? If you are like me, you have a small car and a small apartment, so compact is your thing. If you have to work too hard to get the stroller to the floor, then its not the one for you. If it folds and spring back open too easily, then walk away from it.

Those are the basics that you need to know for purchasing a stroller. You can always add things to the list like for me, I want to be able to steer it easily and be somewhat light weight. A simple key is the lighter it is the easier it will be to push, fold, travel with, and put in the car.

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