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Fashions for moms-2


When you became a mom, you probably missed all those days when shopping was all about finding the cutest outfit and trendy season show stoppers. Now, it is about runny noses, and picking out the cutest outfit for your little one. No one said you had to stop being trendy. These helpful hints will help bring you back into the days of fashion.

Make-up Quickie

Using an all in one make-up product is one thing that can get the job done quick. One of these great products is NARS Multiple Stick. You can keep it on you because it can work as a blush or as lipstick when you are on the go.

Beach Waves Instantly

Who doesn’t love beach waves, now that spring is here? You can get those beach waves easily simply by showering the night before, drying your hair till it is still a bit damp, combing it smooth and then twisting your hair in a top knot or ballerina bun and sleeping with it up. When you wake up, you have a nice wavy beach look.

Cape it up

A great go to for moms who are pregnant or just average moms is a cape that has been paired with boots and leggings. Many celebrities do this and rock this easy trend.

Dry Shampoo is your friend

Mom mornings can be tough. Most of us may or not admit it that we just don’t have time in the morning to shower. When you are running really behind, dry shampoo can be a real life saver. It can make your hair look silky and smooth and plus you will feel better knowing that your hair is somewhat decent.

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Fashions for moms


Being a mom doesn’t mean that your fashion has to go to just jeans and t-shirts, you can still dress in the most fashionable ways and still do your mom thing. Below are some helpful hints that can get you looking fashionable again without a lot of hassle.
Statement Accessories
When you are looking to add a bit of spice to your look, pick out one accessory that really makes your whole outfit but won’t overwhelm it, such as a scarf.
Black Blazers
Cardigans are in the past. So, try pairing some of your outfits with a cute black blazer. You can wear it over a dress or over your jeans and t-shirt. They come in all sorts of styles, but the most popular one is tailored and fitted.
Straighten it out
If you flat iron your hair but notice that you also have to iron your favorite shirt, you no longer really need to break out that big bulky iron and ironing board. Simply, use your flat iron to get those nice crisp lines and creases that you want.
Get the colors
When it comes to trying to incorporate the color of the season into your outfit in an easy yet comfortable way, try ballet flats. They come out in all sorts of colors and will easily pair with an everyday outfit of jeans and a t-shirt.
Get colorful
You shouldn’t have to carry around a dull and drab looking bag if your clothes are just tan, gray, white, and just blah. Find a colorful bag that is big enough for mom essentials, yet still fits with the trends of the season.

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