My Infantino sash mei tai review

Being a new mother, one of my biggest challenges to face was being able to still get around easily to get things done, from picking up groceries to paying bills and everything between. Sure, I could leave them with daddy, but with his busy schedule it means I have to rush to get things done quickly, plus being a new mom I constantly stress and wonder what they are doing. So, I started to look into way making things easier, and that is when I came across the Infantino Sash Mei Tai!

This is my infantino mei tai review.  Another really good review is here.

The new craze of personalized diaper bags

After reading up on the product and reviews, I jumped at getting it. Waiting for it to get here I was excited I may finally have a solution to my issue. It had many great reviews, the price was affordable, and known for great performance. It’s referred to as a grab-and-go carrier for the baby, which is just what I needed.

Once it arrived, I couldn’t wait to get it out and learn to use it. The design is made to be soft and comfortable on the baby, allowing you to get around while it supports the baby in all the important areas. I was able to figure out how to use it pretty quick, and with a little practice I got pretty quick at getting out the door!

I found that it was supporting my child as I needed it too, and I no longer had to depend and wait on daddy’s busy schedule to get out and take care of things. I was able to pick up the Sash Mei Tai, get my baby setup in it, and go.

To get better at getting it adjusted correctly, I would practice grabbing it, my baby and going to the car, mailbox, or just to walk around the backyard. It didn’t take long though, and now I have it on and on my way in no time. It’s been very helpful.

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Supports the baby



May take a little practice to get quick with.


This is one of the best things I have found to manage having a baby and still getting around, other than maybe a stroller (which I have learned can be even more hassle at times). I can feel safe knowing my baby is supported and that it is not hurting him, and it does not hurt me either. I have decided this is the item I want to gift at the baby shower I will be attending for a friend, I’m sure she will find it very useful and love it just as much as I have, who wouldn’t?