Stroller buying guide

Purchasing a stroller is going to be one of those big purchases. There are a lot of models, and it can make any new parent a bit anxious. Any certified stroller will work, but if you aren’t careful you may end up buying one that will just need to be upgraded as your needs change and the first stroller becomes pretty word down. Below are some easy basics about stroller buying that you need to know.

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Learn the jargon.

Strollers literally have their own type of language. You have carriages, prams, travel systems, jogging strollers and umbrella strollers. Each one is different and each one has their own characteristics. A carriage is just a stroller that has the baby facing you. A pram is the old fashioned carriages that have the baby laying down with big wheels and a big canopy, basically a bassinet on wheels. The travel systems are strollers that come with car seats that snap into place. Jogging strollers are ones that have only 3 wheels that are easy to run with, but there are some that you don’t have to jog with. Then the umbrella stroller that is very simple, easy to fold and is great for little ones over 6 months old.

Is the Bugaboo Frog good value?

Set a budget.

You can basically spend as much or as little as you feel like. Just set a budget before you start, that way you can narrow down choices.  Do you feel like being a celebrity and purchasing a stroller over $600 or are you wanting a real bargain? Choose one that is in your budget range. Many will go for the popular styles that will range between $100 and $300.

Who is the stroller for?

If you have a newborn, then start out with a stroller that will work with a newborn. I personally prefer the travel system, as it grows with my child. It needs to be something that newborn can ride lying down. I love prams, but they are super expensive, heavy and only good for use to 3 months. You can pick a carriage system, which you can get a bassinet for that simply snaps onto the frame for those first 3 months, then use the stroller seat afterwards. For some the most practical is getting a regular stroller with reclining seats. So you can still use it as your baby grows.

Things to think about while shopping

Is the handlebar going to be high enough? Check out a few strollers in your local baby stores. The most annoying thing that I have found is that when you are out and about, pushing a stroller that has low handles that make you stoop down, or kick the back of the stroller. You need handlebars that will fit your height and gait. I always look for adjustable handlebars to be on the safe side.

Storage is another thing that is important. Where will you put the diaper bag or groceries? Sometimes you aren’t just going to be going for a walk. Most parents are running errands or going to visit friends with a lot of supplies for the little one. So having a good storage basket is quite nice. Now there are some models that have less important things like storage spaces on the handles and cup holders. If you want there is always the option of purchasing a stroller bag, which will hang either on the side or the back of the stroller for extra storage.

Does it easily fold? If you are like me, you have a small car and a small apartment, so compact is your thing. If you have to work too hard to get the stroller to the floor, then its not the one for you. If it folds and spring back open too easily, then walk away from it.

Those are the basics that you need to know for purchasing a stroller. You can always add things to the list like for me, I want to be able to steer it easily and be somewhat light weight. A simple key is the lighter it is the easier it will be to push, fold, travel with, and put in the car.