The new craze of personalized diaper bags

Personalized Diaper Bags

If you are a new parent or an existing parent that is in need of a diaper bag, then if you are like me then you want to have it personalized or even have it monogrammed. It is quite hard to find some of the best personalized diaper bags out there, simply because there isn’t a lot of good quality ones around. Most of the attempts that were done, were just very plain or made of low quality materials. I guess the people making the bags would think that when we go to purchase their item, just sticking a few initials on it will sell their product.

So, I went on a journey to find only high quality bags that could be monogrammed or even made personalized in some way, while still being durable and practical. I also wanted to list bags that were represented as a great value for the price spent. Below is what I found and tested myself. More info on diaper bags for boys here.

Pink Quilted 3 Piece diaper bag with colorful owl and flower print

When I first saw this, I thought it was a long name. It seems that they just added the description to the title. Right now owls are in, so they are going to be in fashion right now. It just seems they wanted to make sure everyone knew what was included in the title. Even though the title is long, it is a really good quality diaper bag. It is 17 inches by 13 inches by 5 inches plus it weighs under a pound. This tells me that is a really good sized bag and since the opening is 5 inches wide, it is going to be really useful. Diaper bag manufacturers tend to make the opening too narrow to be practical. This model comes with three things: Diaper bag, changing pad, and cosmetic bag. It has plenty of pockets and it is under $30 with shipping from Amazon. Another options is, they’re a company I really like.

3 Piece quilted diaper bag

This is similar to the one above, but you can have this one monogrammed by a third-party service. It comes in various colors such as black, green, pink and more. I find that each colors are unique and some unusual. It has a gingham lining with several pockets. There are a lot of color combinations and I love them all. You can get these color combinations: polka dots/black/pink, owl green, camo/black, black, pink/damask, and black/zebra.

Pink and Polka dot monogrammed diaper bag

This one is a real value. You can get it for less than $25, because I honestly would have paid a lot more. You can have it monogrammed the way you would like in various styling patterns.

Quilted butterfly in town diaper bag

This is the more expensive one ranging around $45. But there are a lot of personalized choices for it. There are over 20 different monogram choices and you can have it completely personalized. That is the one thing that I absolutely loved about it. Out of all the choices, this is my favorite.

Personalized bottle bag

This is a simpler type of diaper bag but it is called a bottle bag. It is quite nice to look at and it comes with a chocolate brown insulated bag that you can have 15 different thread colors used to embroider your little one’s name on it. Now this isn’t an actual diaper bag, but it is meant for shorter trips and it is small enough that you can throw it into your purse.
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